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Aero Profile 8: Willem Brandt-Stark by alphachimaera Aero Profile 8: Willem Brandt-Stark by alphachimaera
Brown Shep/Wolf
Conceited, Betrayed, Defiant, Obsessive, Resolute.

Despair has known no home like this kid's heart.

Willem, the youngest of the Brandt-Starks.
A dinasty of famous figures.

Willem graduated from military academy with honors at his young age with mastery in battle tactics specialized for cloud layer battle and quickly became accepted as vice-commander of the ship Ariant-V. An Aespercruise class ship of the finest technology available.

A year or two passed with him on duty and honor while the favor of the Captain grew on him.
Pleased with Willem's performance, the council was seriously considering giving him a position as Captain of another vessel. Until disaster.

While engaging the Pirates over the Ecuator in battle, the ship was hit. Not by a Pirate vessel, but apparently a new type of Enclave ship.

The Captain and part of the bridge crew were killed with an incredibly accurate blast that also ripped the hull and the Aesper pressure started to implode the outer chambers.

As the new Captain on board, his logic dictated that a shutdown of the chambers and redirecting the shields to protect the Gravity Drives was the correct choice.
But shortly after he ordered this, there was an explosion in the Drive's chambers. And it went offline.
Without the main G-Drive online, the sinking of the ship was inevitable and the pressures inside the Cloud Ocean would crush the ship.

It was clear that there were bombers inside the ship and he quickly formed a team and ordered them and Dr.Hasekura, chief medic, to follow him into the G-chamber.
When they got in, they found the bomber team DEAD. It seems they committed suicide right after nullifying the G-Drive.
This didn't make any sense, why would they...

But there was no time to investigate, Willem quickly made his way to the reactor while the technicians repaired it.
A piece of the main reactor's cable was destroyed in the blast but fortunately, there were spares around.
The ship was sinking fast and there was no time left.
Willem grabbed the spare cable and ordered to turn it on.
The discharge blast Will a few feet away slamming him into the piping and ultimately having his left lung and arteries pierced.

As the ship regained height and made it once again over the Cloud Layer, Dr. Hasekura did his best to seal his broken tissues and stop the hemorrage from a half concious Willem.
Screaming in pain, he asked the Dr. to end him now if there was nothing to do because the pain was unbearable, but Dr. Hasekura refused and KO'd him.

When Willem woke up, he was in the Enclave's medical facilities in Port-Duchy. Barely alive, but out of danger.
Surprised enough, he found Dr. Hasekura next to him as a patient, not in the staff.

Hasekura suffered very bad injuries as well.
And while Hasekura was praised in court as a hero once again, Brandt-Stark was less than thanked for his services.

Something was fishy. He managed to save the entire ship and remaining crew by sacrificing his body and yet, no medals? No thank yous?
In time, he was charged with negligent leadership and endangering the crew by inadequate action in the field.
Willem just couldn't believe all the BS.

Curiously enough along the case, all of the crew members that were in the G-Chamber with him and Hasekura were dead. What? Willem saw these men alive and well before he passed away from the pain. How could they die?
As much as he called on Hasekura to testify, the court didn't acknowledge the Dr. being in Willem's assault team.

It was a fake nightmare through and through.
Nothing that he said was taken seriously and finally, he was incarcerated to await the verdict.

Willem knew it was the end, he could face penalty of death from how RIDICULOUS this judgement was.
Until Hasekura showed up and released him.

-What are you doing Dr.? Willem asked.
-This is a set-up, someone wants you "legally" dead, you have to run away. The Dr. replied.
-WHAT? How can this be? Only someone way up in the Enclave could plan and execute something like this.
Hasekura nodded. And it was clear for Willem, he was now an enemy of the Enclave, forever and ever.

After escaping the cell pavilion and driving away in a civilian car. Willem knew that his life was over. His family would live in shame and he would never, EVER be able to clean his name.
To fight against the Enclave for the deaths of so many marines was just beyond what he could do or prove, no one would believe him or take his case. It's the end.

And then, Hasekura, Heidn, said to him.
I'm still in the Enclave's graces, I'll help you find the information you need.

Why? Why are you helping me all of a sudden?
I guess, I'm that kind of idiot that believes in what's right.

Willem didn't know what to say to a guy that just saved his bum 2 times. So he remained silent.

Hasekura dropped him in a cabin he rented so he could rest his wounds and made his way back to the Enclave before they noticed him too was gone.

"I'll help you out" These words echoed in Will's head for days. As Hasekura left him specific instructions on how to continue his therapy.

"He does all this for me... But why? He's a twice-condecorated war hero, has saved my life 2 times... And now he risks his prestige and life to help.. a helpless idiot like me?"
Willem tried to understand why Heidn got his back like this.
But he also thought about how to get back at the Enclave and find out who betrayed him, killed his captain, his crew and set him up for shame and death.

Once a respected and promising officer, now an outlaw. Quite ironic.
And so, collecting what remains of his pride and anger, he swears to find the whole TRUTH behind this treachery and clean his name while exposing the Enclave's corruption of the Military.

But, will he be able to do it without risking Heidn's life?
The guy that has done so much for him?
Willem's emotions tear his mind piece apart day by day and his battle wounds, as well as his mind's, will never totally heal.
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Captainblackwing Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Your characters are very interesting, and the backgrounds that match your characters are amazing!
alphachimaera Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you, i'm very humbled! *hug
Captainblackwing Featured By Owner May 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
No problem. Your work really interests me
DevonAura Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh Betrayed Oh my I might watch him as well <3
for someone who has been heart broken of friendship
TailsWorld1 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Poor guy :noes:
Hmmm...I wonder if Adre had anything to do with that betrayal..
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