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Aero Profile 7: Harkon Gantz by alphachimaera Aero Profile 7: Harkon Gantz by alphachimaera
Black Bull/Moose
Guardian/Weapons Master/Pilot
Gentle, Powerful, Protective, Devout, Driven.

His love for someone special can only compare to his love for justice.

Recently, he has been attached to a girl named Elisse.
Elisse Candis-Langsley.
But once upon a time, he had a different life.

Harkon was once a military officer and a true warrior. As the battle between the Sky Enclave and the Pirate Nation has always been on.
Served in the fronts with Heidn Hasekura and Stratos Halvarn.

After the victory against the Pirate Nation in the once floating island of Alassia, Heidn and Stratos were severly injured.

Nonetheless, Stratos rised to continue his fight against Ehriz and his pirates. Heidn was out of the picture, but he remaind faithful to Stratos' lead.
Wounded in battle by Stratos, who went mad and switched sides, he was left to die.
But rescued and sent to Port-Douchy for medical assistance. But the damage on Harkon was too much. So he was forced to leave the battlefield and was deemed inadequate for battle.

Since then, he's been accepted in the Beta Racing Ring.
The most popular Racing Class that allows modded pods and bikes.
With his condition like this, he has made good money and has a stable lifestyle.

But he yearns for something more.
When he meets Elisse in the middle of pirate assault on the city of Levia, he covered her with his body and was heavily injured again.
No one knows how, but Elisse managed to take his HUGE, HEAVY, unconscious body to the nearest medical facility and save his life.

Since then, they've become friends and Harkon as vowed to protect Elisse against everything that threatens her.
He has always denied he might have feelings for her, but he calls it onto duty and gratefulness.

Especially when Elisse has become a target of the Pirate Nation. He yearns for a chance to confront his former friend Stratos and set things right.

Hoping it doesn't clash with his oath to protect Elisse.
booglybear Featured By Owner May 25, 2013   Traditional Artist
Nice character and bio!
TailsWorld1 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Yay Mooses! I don't see them very often so it's a nice surprise :D
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