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Aero Profile 4: Spike Kinoguma by alphachimaera Aero Profile 4: Spike Kinoguma by alphachimaera
Golden Bear
Calm, Powerful, Sexy, Focused, Reliable.

A lot like Adre, Spike has secretly migrated from the Mid-nations to the Sky.
A lot like Adre, Spike has Bear genes and a special resilience that is rare to see in the Sky Nations.
Unlike Adre, Spike races for his glory and pampered lifestyle.

Spike is a Celebrity. An Alpha Ring Racer Star.
He gets merchandize made after him, TV shows, all the guys and girls he'd want and throws grand parties, pretty much lives the DREAM at fullest.

His racing abilities are both rare and stunning, as he's sharp and quick enough to do the craziest racing moves thanks to his massive body, which most people would consider "inadequate" for racing.

But something is missing from his life.
A real challenge.

A one of the main Alpha Racers, he becomes quite interested in Adre. Another guy from the mid-nations with a Bear side, big body and intense acrobatics and tricks. Spike is immediately drawn onto Adre as a rival.

Him and Adre become friends and proves to be quite too much for Adre on the tracks.
But not for long, as Adre learns quick and soon, Spike unwillingly finds himself as Adre's mentor.

But Adre faces a possible disappointment when he finds out that Spike is a consumer of a drink name "Aelixir".
A booster of incredible power that has allowed Spike to perform so splendidly in the field.
And now, Adre faces the choice of trying the Aelixir in order to finally BEST Spike in the Alpha Ring.

Spike is not sure about the Aelixir's effects.
Spike himself suffers from severe side effects from the fluid. It does indeed expand the mind, but to levels that you are not ready to deal with. And ultimately increases so many of your functions in so little time that you don't have enough time to adapt and it de-synchronizes your functions.
The variety of effects is enormous. Spike is not sure if this drink will be Adre's key to success or his downfall.

Spike constantly doubts his choice between preventing Adre from drinking it or not.
After all, he's a consumer right? What gives him the right to tell someone else not to do the same?

This ultimately triggers the question in his head.
Can he be able to triumph by his own devices without resorting to this fluid?
tristan2004 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
very nice. You should consider making an actual comic (I know alot of deviants who make original characters make scenes, but a ongoing comic). The style is no more "over the top" than standard anime (good anime i'd guess from the art) and i'd like to see these characters moving around in this scene.
TailsWorld1 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Student Digital Artist
That sexy part sure is right~
And heeeeeeyyy, this is one of the guys from that group picture! :la:
fakebny123 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012
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